Modern with great exterior design, outstanding
with pleasing exterior features that will make you
completely safe and secure.
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1. Front Scoop :
Gracious design, correct aerodynamic
structure along with multi-purpose
luggage compartment
2. Body Skirt Kits :
Eye-catching side and rear skirts’ design
for you to express yourself
3. Side Mirror :
Side-view mirror with
modern design for driving

4. Side and Rear Window
Extra wide for extensive
visibility and clear view

5. Multi-Purpose
Compartment :
and spare tire storage
with shock-up opening
and closing system
cover with tight locks
6. Front Bumper :
Sturdy steel reinforcement
with crank protector fiber
7. Break Light :
Made of acrylic plastic with
LED light, Super Bright
adding more elegance to
your vehicle.
8. Upper break light :
Prominent for your safety
on every road
European design that answers to every requirements. Roomy
passenger area consists of 13 seats that can be adjusted in
many styles. Easy to move around with aesthetics feeling all
the way from fully equipped entertainment facility
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4. Window Shade :
Exquisite window curtain adding more beauty to the environment

5. Nano Resin Technic Floor :
Strong, durable, beautiful and easy to clean

6. Flannel Walls :
Elegant, gorgeous, superior and stylish

7. Safety Belt :
For your safety along the way

8. Fire Extinguisher :
High standard safety equipment ready for emergency incident
1. View Mirror and Storage :
The passengers see the vision in the front with more space for storage and sliding window allows driver and passengers’ communication

2. IONIZER Air Conditioning system :
Refreshing and comforting the whole journey by 12,000 BTU air conditioner with compressor

3. LED Light :
As bright as regular light bulb but costs less electricity which results in more efficiency and longer life span

10. Passenger Seats :
Comfortable with 3 rows of passenger seats that can be altered for convenience. Wide aisle.
“Big Space” cushions in the last row are made larger for huge luggages
9. Emergency Hammer :
For breaking the window in case of emergency
1. Stereo System :
Additional accessories that will excite you with
soft and surrounding entertainment system
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2. Entertainment Centre :
Enjoy the ride with
DVD player, LCD screen
and TV. antenna
for both digital
and analog for
the passengers
3. Back Camera :
for more confident in every time you
back the truck with clear video feed on
LCD screen from camera at the rear
4. DVD/CD/MP3/MP4/WMA Player :
with touch screen LCD with remote control.
SD Card/USB/iPOD and Bluetooth compatible
with GPS for front passengers
 Sticker : Custom Design
Super 3.0 Injection :
designed for heavy carriage
with Twin Injection system
that has high frequency gas
Super pressure regurator :
reducing gas pressure system
that can handle up to 190