Two seat rows pickup truck for travelling “Minibus 1100” can support more passengers. The truck
is specially designed for comfort with soft seats and backrests. Refreshing with air condition system
covering the whole passenger compartment. The doors are easy to open and close with tight and
secure lock to ensure your safety in every trip.
4. Sliding window partition
for passengers and driver to
communicate easily
5. Passengers compartment
soft light as bright as normal one with less electricity consumption and longer life lighten the whole area.
1. Back door lock set set the new Rotary
Lock system with two steps locks, strong,
enduring, and secure.
2. Signal bell convenient for communication
between passengers and driver
3. Air conditioning system Cool and fresh the whole passenger compartment. Quick cool air circulation with IONIZER system air purifier.
6. Door handles
designed into convenient shape to open
and close easily and lightly.
7. Passengers’ seats
spacious with two seat rows with
wide aisle along with luggage storage
underneath the seats.
   Sticker : Custom Design
Super 3.0 Injection :
designed for heavy carriage with Twin Injection system that has high frequency gas injection
Super pressure regurator : reducing gas pressure system that can handle up to 190 horsepower

ECU 32 bit :

gas distribution control
equivalent to car ECU